Zollipops®! The Candy Treat Good For Your Teeth?

By Amanda Hollifield December 18, 2018

My kids get lollipops all the time. Reward system at school, the bank, not to mention the gazillion they get at Halloween.  Sugary goodness on a stick, but causing cavity monsters in our kid's mouths.  Sugar stress is a constant struggle in our home not only for our kids but also for me!  How do you satisfy your family's sweet tooth without adding to the current tooth decay epidemic in our nation's kids today?

Kidprenuer Alina Morse answered that question with her amaZing creation, Zollipops®. I don't know what's more amaZing, Alina's healthy treats, creative spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, or her family's unconditional support with her venture? Watch this video to find out more about Alina's story and the start of Zollipops®.

We all have been there. At the bank with your kids, when your kids spot the beautiful display of lollipops. "Can I have a sucker?" I will admit, sometimes it's easier to say yes than to argue with my 6-year-old in public (because we all know how that usually plays out).  Kudos to Alina's dad who reminded her that sugar is not healthy for her teeth and she answered back by asking why there is not a healthy lollipop that still tastes great? Fast forward five years and 12-year-old Alina has turned her creative spirit into a $2 million success. A truly inspiring and empowering story for every child that has a dream, but also for us parents who could be a little more encouraging and open to our kid's imaginations and dreams. I know I need to be!

So off to Wal-Mart we go to get our ZolliCandy.  You can see our shopping trip video below!  Naturally, when I told my kids we are shopping for lollipops, they immediately started for the candy aisle. Imagine their surprise to find this delicious, yet healthy treat in the Oral Hygiene section of our local Wal-Mart. There they were Zollipops® and Zaffi™ Taffy right beside popular toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Now picture their faces. Really, candy we find near the toothpaste? How good is this really going to be?

Not only was our Zollipops® and Zaffi™ Taffy amaZingly tasty (see our taste test video below to see our favorite flavors), we were excited to learn how healthy they are!  ZolliCandy does not disappoint in variety and the burst of flavors with each bite.  As soon as we opened the bags, we could smell the yummy smells of strawberry to grape to even pineapple. With about 15 pieces of candy in each bag, you are guaranteed a little bit of everything!

ZolliCandy is supercharged with natural ingredients such as Xylitol, Erythritol, Stevia and offers a sugar-free, gluten-free treat that is good for your teeth.  So, how does the magic happen? The ingredients work naturally with our bodies to help reduce the acidity and balance the pH in our mouths. Take the ZP Challenge to see for yourself. By reducing acidity, we can help take away the power from those little cavity monsters! Better still, teeth can re-mineralize faster, making them stronger and harder. In fact, many people have shared that after enjoying one of our treats, their teeth feel smooth and clean again. Want to know more about how ZolliCandy works, click here.

What could make this amazing story even more amazing? Alina's One Million Smiles Initiative that takes 10 percent of ZolliCandy profits and invests those profits into dental and oral health education in our school and relevant organizations.  Find out how to bring the One Million Smiles initiative to your child's school or local dentist by visiting their website.

Quit settling or compromising your kid(s)' dental health with sugary candy. Check out ZolliCandy's healthy After You Eat Treat® options with Zollipops®, Zolli® Drops, or Zaffi™ Taffy at your local Wal-Mart or other outlets.  Help build One Million Smiles (and more) with Zollipops®!

I was compensated for this review; however, all of the opinions stated are my own.

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